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Irish Sunsets

Sunsets anywhere in the world are often gorgeous.  In Ireland, they are usually spectacular.  People are often surprised to see just how far north the country is, roughly on a parallel with Newfoundland in Canada.   For example,  Moynalty is at latitude 53 degrees, 44 minutes; Burlington, VT is about 45 degrees and Jupiter, FL 27 degrees.   This northern location means that in the summer months sunsets appear late in the evening.  From mid-June to mid-August the sun sets around 10 p.m. with the gloaming continuing until 11 or so.  I’m so lucky to live in a house that has unobstructed views and faces due west.  And, during the summer months,  the sun sets so far to the north it seems it’s almost in the east!  I  want to share with you some of my favorite sunsets of this past summer.
But don’t expect too many summer sunrises…….the sky brightens about 3 a.m. and the sun rises before 4.  And I don’t “do” mornings!

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