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Ireland is a land of Festivals!  One of the most popular ones is the annual Moynalty Steam Threshing,  held on a Sunday in   August.  This year, the weather held for most of the day (it only drizzled a bit) and there were over 10,000 visitors.  As well as being able to see wheat being threshed by scythe-wielding men on horse drawn wagons there were wonderful demonstrations of gone-by Irish farming techniques.  This photo shows the “old fashioned” way of loading the grain into the steam powered threshing machine.  There is a lovely museum of antique farm machines and implements as well as outdoor kitchens set up to prepare traditional Irish foods such as boxty, soda bread, pancakes, etc as well as sausages, burgers and hot dogs.  The attractions ran the gamut from watching a pig roasting on a spit, listening to one of 4 or 5 musicians, taking a raffle on a bull calf (no, I didn’t win him!), looking at or buying everything from flowers and plants to home baked cakes and jams,  rides, horseshoeing demonstrations, and so on.

As you can probably tell, I love living in my adopted home village of Moynalty, County Meath Ireland!  There’s always something new to discover.




  1. Joanne Seymour said:

    Looks like a good ol’ Irish country experience! Must’ve been great fun….

  2. Thanks for the pingback! I thought your blog name was emma jay sexellect adventures. I didn’t know what I was going to find here!

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