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As the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end on this Labor Day, this snoozer doesn’t seem too concerned!  Taken at Busch Wildlife Center in Jupiter, Florida.  The Center is just a delight, especially for children, with lots of native wildlife including panthers, raccoons, eagles and, of course turtles.  Most of the birds, reptiles and animals were found wounded or orphaned and have been nursed back to health.  Admission is free and donations are gratefully accepted.  The gift shop is a wonderful source for souvenirs, stocking stuffers, and token gifts.

Copyright 2013                        Mary Jane E Clark



  1. I have always enjoyed Bush Wildlife and have taken all my grandkids and family and some friends to see it. It’s awesome, especially the Owls, Eagles and so much more.

  2. Joanne Seymour said:

    A lovely, serene moment there! The day we were there–couple of years ago–they were moving the giant turtles inside because of the cold snap that January. It was quite the event…! The turtles weren’t too happy with the move, of course–only because they didn’t know it was to protect them.

  3. I have lived part time in Palm Beach Gardens and never heard of Bush Wild Life. Looking forward to Dec. and going.

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