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Many people feel that South Florida has no seasons but I disagree.  Here, at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, you can clearly see that the leaves have turned and autumn has arrived.  It’s all about slowing down and looking around you.  Jupiter, Florida does have gorgeous beaches, palm trees, lush landscaping, great restaurants and proximity to world-class shopping.  The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary provides a much more laid-back experience with loads of native animals (mostly rescued), serene landscapes, helpful and knowledgeable staff and is a fun and free treat, especially for children.

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These two islands, Skellig Michael and Little Skellig, lie off the coast of County Kerry in the southwest corner of Ireland.   Skellig Michael, or Great Skellig, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Up a 1000 year old stone staircase, perched on a narrow ledge, is a 6th century Christian monastery consisting of 6 beehive cells and 2 boat shaped oratories.  The still-standing dry stone structures were inhabited by reclusive monks until the 12th century, when they relocated to the Augustinian Priory at Ballinskellig on the mainland.  By necessity self-sufficient, the monks traded eggs, seal meat and feathers for cereal, tools and animal skins from passing boats.  The skins were used to produce vellum, upon which the monks copied illuminated religious manuscripts.

Today, the Skelligs are home to vast nesting and breeding bird colonies as well as giant basking sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.

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Waterford, established by the Vikings in 914, is Ireland’s oldest city.   Sitting on the banks of the River Suir  Estuary, it has long been Ireland’s major southeast port.  This photo was taken from the top of Reginald’s Tower, built by the Anglo-Normans in 1185, and considered Ireland’s oldest civic urban building.  The Tower sits at the apex of The Viking Triangle, a fascinating collection of medieval and Georgian museums, cathedrals, bustling shops and, of course, the Waterford Crystal Visitor’s Center.  (Sadly, most “Waterford” crystal is now produced outside of Ireland in Eastern Europe and China.)

I find a poignancy in the numerous expensive, fast sailing toys outflanking the sole working fishing trawler.

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