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Many people feel that South Florida has no seasons but I disagree.  Here, at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, you can clearly see that the leaves have turned and autumn has arrived.  It’s all about slowing down and looking around you.  Jupiter, Florida does have gorgeous beaches, palm trees, lush landscaping, great restaurants and proximity to world-class shopping.  The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary provides a much more laid-back experience with loads of native animals (mostly rescued), serene landscapes, helpful and knowledgeable staff and is a fun and free treat, especially for children.

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This is a “just because” post!  I entered the local  newspaper’s (Palm Beach Post) Nature photo contest and since the photos are all easily accessible at this point, I thought I’d share them with you, even though it’s only Thursday.  These were all taken in South Florida at a variety of locations and over several years.  Writing about my world travels and living in Ireland, I tend to forget that many people haven’t visited my paradise in the United States yet.  Palm Beach County, and Jupiter in particular, is truly a lovely place…fabulous climate, wonderful people, great cultural, dining and shopping opportunities make it truly one of the best places I can imagine living.  Before I moved here in 1999 I thought it was “God’s waiting room”.  How wrong I was!  I’ve had such unbelievably good experiences and made such amazing friends that I can’t give it up……..even for Ireland.  I’ve got to have my “fix” every 6 months or so.

So, I hope you enjoy these photos of South Florida.  

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