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This is a “just because” post!  I entered the local  newspaper’s (Palm Beach Post) Nature photo contest and since the photos are all easily accessible at this point, I thought I’d share them with you, even though it’s only Thursday.  These were all taken in South Florida at a variety of locations and over several years.  Writing about my world travels and living in Ireland, I tend to forget that many people haven’t visited my paradise in the United States yet.  Palm Beach County, and Jupiter in particular, is truly a lovely place…fabulous climate, wonderful people, great cultural, dining and shopping opportunities make it truly one of the best places I can imagine living.  Before I moved here in 1999 I thought it was “God’s waiting room”.  How wrong I was!  I’ve had such unbelievably good experiences and made such amazing friends that I can’t give it up……..even for Ireland.  I’ve got to have my “fix” every 6 months or so.

So, I hope you enjoy these photos of South Florida.  


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