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Sometimes There are too Many Things

I post photographic images on this blog, as well as at, that are my, copyrighted, intellectual property. These are for your enjoyment and contemplation, however, not for your commercial use or financial gain. Please respect me, and all other bloggers/posters/photographers/writers, etc. If you wish to duplicate any of my work for any use, PLEASE, contact me first. As always, I am grateful for your consideration and attention.

With thanks to http://www.LEEANNECOLEPhotography for this post.

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There is no post today for, seems they don’t want me to write for them anymore, I think, I don’t know really.  They have stopped responding to my emails so I assume that means that they don’t want my posts anymore.  I thought for today I could a post for you about some other things, photography related, but they are little things.

How to tell someone to stop stealing images!

When I did my post yesterday I received a comment from someone who thanked me for what I had said, but she had a small problem, she (D) knew someone that was taking her photos and then pretending that they were their own.  I think the person taking the photos was taking them from others as well, I’m not totally sure, but still, if you knew someone who was doing this, what would you do?

D asked me, but…

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