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Last September, I was able to return to my  grandmother’s birthplace.  Thanks to a wonderful hotel desk clerk at the Kilronan Castle Hotel and then a great butcher on Peter Street in Boyle, County Roscommon, I was able to locate the “auld homestead”.  Knocked on the door and was given traditional Irish hospitality for several hours, got names and locations of my great-uncle William’s buddies, tea and bickies , and the deeds dating back to 1905……………  On my return trip to County Meath, we were treated to incredible rainbows!

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Twice each year, I make a transition between 2 earthly Paradises, Moynalty,  Ireland and Jupiter,  Florida.  My most recent repositioning was last week, and, as always, the change was both bittersweet and welcome.   I love my life in rural Ireland with the peacefulness, the glorious beauty, the simple pleasures of homemaking,  my partner as my primary contact with humanity,  a turf and wood blaze nightly and a semi-stray kitty who sings and dances on the windowsills for her supper.

And, in Florida, I welcome the warm weather, the proximity to the ocean, the fellowship of my JupiterFIRSTChurch family, a lively social life and, of course, the security of my partner’s continued presence and support.

This is a rainbow that I saw on my last weekend in Ireland.  We were on our way to Bailieborough, County Cavan and as we drove around a curve, it magically appeared out of a fast-moving gray cloud.  I love rainbows and they always remind me of God’s covenant with us, ( Genesis 9:13 ) and also remind me that, one day, my transition will be to another, Heavenly, Paradise.

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