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Belfast, as well as Derry, was a center for the 40 years of sectarian fighting and violence known as The Troubles.  Many murals were painted during this time, most of them depicting political viewpoints, portraits of martyrs, sectarian slogans and threats and promises.  The vitriol expressed was matched by the brutal attacks by the UVF, the UDA, the Provisional IRA  and various dissident factions on both the Republican and Unionist/Loyalist sides.  Many of these murals still exist but some of the more hateful expressions are being whitewashed.

The 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement ushered in a new era of peace, no matter how fragile.  Progress has been made with a power-sharing government seated in Stormont Castle.  And, as you can see, this new spirit of co-operation manifests itself through art.  It’s just a beginning, but it IS a beginning.

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